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Ready to place an order or inquire about fresh, decadent, homemade desserts?

I'll deliver to you in my cupcake cruiser =)

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To purchase fun kitchen favorites, a

Daily Journal, Intention Setting

Calendar, or Children's Books,

click here.

To learn why I do this, click here.

If you like slightly above average, mildly entertaining piano covers, click here for my YouTube channel!

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Price List

Most Popular Items; price is per dozen:

Decorated Sugar Cookies: $53

Cake Pops with Sprinkles: $53

Fudge Brownies: $40

Cupcakes: $40

Chocolate covered oreos: $40

Chocolate covered pretzels: $40

Mini Dog Cakes: $40

Whipped Honey: $60/dozen jars

I also do cakes!


Ask about my grain-free cupcakes, Keto edible cookie "dough", vegan protein balls,

and much more!

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