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Michelle Appelbaum of Druish Queen

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Michelle's Recovery


I almost died in a severe car crash in 2021, so I decided that life is for living. For me, that means regularly practicing meditation, exercise, mindfulness, self-growth, and making and sharing mouth-watering desserts.

I have a lifetime of out-of-pocket expenses, and a lifetime of recovery, so every order helps support my journey. I thank you sincerely, and hope you love my decadent creations!

The Longer Story

When I was hit by an SUV, my second life began.


After 25 broken bones including a shattered femur, two brain bleeds, punctured lungs, nine blood transfusions , a month hospitalized and away from my then-three-year-old son, and multiple surgeries over the next year, I discovered a new understanding of myself and the world. I was incredibly lucky to have survived.

A lifetime of pain, a limp, physical therapy and my new life are now the "new normal". Part of this life-long journey includes many out-of-pocket expenses, and I'm grateful for any help.

Despite pain and suffering, I choose to heal from physical and emotional trauma as best I can. My post-accident life proves to be healthier, happier, and more well-balanced than I imagined. I realize life is for living, and each moment, we discover gratitude and love within ourselves - regardless of challenges with which we are faced.

Being a single mom with physical disability comes with a beautiful silver-lining: my increased appreciation of living in the now. This manifests in a number of ways, including daily meditation, practicing mindfulness, breath-work exercises, practicing parenting with understanding, journaling, healing in nature, daily exercise, and of course - starting my baking business. I also write space-themed children's books, available for purchase on amazon!

I've elevated my passion for baking and sharing decadent desserts, as shown on Instagram. When you're ready to indulge in dessert, please consider ordering from me. Everything is fresh and delicious.

My vision is to offer inspiration, motivation, and comfort to anyone experiencing pain or suffering. Hopefully some of the tools I offer on this website will help others find peace of mind while understanding the profundity and beauty in the nature of now.


Some pictures showing my progress are below.

Michelle Appelbaum car crash
Michelle Appelbaum hospital
Michelle Appelbaum hospital
Michelle Appelbaum hospital
Michelle Appelbaum recovery wheelchair
Michelle Appelbaum gym recovery
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